How to Make 1500$ per Month with Google Task Mate App | Google Launched its Official App named 'Task Mate'

Google has lately launched a brand new program called job Mate that enables users to earn money by completing simple jobs like taking recordings or pictures of short sound clips.

Right now, the app is currently in beta and is on the Google perform keep for Indian people. But it might be used only by way of a referral code. So in the following piece, apart from talking about just how exactly to earn money, we are also going to talk about ways to get the referral codes to get Google undertaking Mate.


Google is testing ‘Task Mate’ in India, which lets users earn money for doing tasks on their smartphones

How To Make Cash On Task Mate?

First of all, don't confuse Google activity Mate using Google impression Rewards, which likewise rewards customers in the form of performing Store charge for answering specific inquiries.


Together with job Mate, you go outside of quizzing and carry out actual activities to get compensated in real money. These activities might be something like shooting a photo of the local restaurant, even replying to questionnaire questions about your choices, or even distributing phrases from English to the community language.

Here is the way to put in and Make Money on Google Task Mate:

Inch. See Google perform and download the Android program (unavailable on i-OS yet).


2. Open up the app and also select your own preferred email I d to conduct your account and then tap "get going ."

4. Select the programming language.

5. It might provide you with an option to find the languages you're comfortable with [this step mightn't appear for everybody].

6. Enter your Invitation Code or Referral Code which you could have received.

What Is Google Task Mate? How To Make Money From It?

How to Make Money On Google Task Mate?

Google will article simple responsibilities like taking a photo of the nearby store, answering poll inquiries, translating local languages sentences to English, and more. There's also a choice to bypass a job if humankind isn't interested in engaging.

All the completed responsibilities will undoubtedly be assessed by the machine before restarting the number to your own account. Google process Mate may cover the user for each thriving undertaking completion in currency. Hence, it is going to pay Indian Rupees for Indian people. Money attributed to Google could be directly moved into a bank account with a single click.

How To Redeem Money Acquired On Task Mate?

Google pays the rewards in community money for the actions that you full right. To redeem the bucks attained on Google, then you will need an account using a third-party payments processor. This is sometimes done by registering your e-wallet or account with all the payment partners listed about the app like Google Pay or another UPI-established payment gateway.

Task Mate rewards will be sent as money to your account and to earn rewards you need to do things like - record clips of certain phrases, take photos of shop fronts, transcribe sentences, check shop details etc. 

Is Google Task Mate App real?

This task program is developed and maintained by Google. They pay Crores of rupees to site owners by means of advertisements in India without delay. Hence this is genuine. The only real limiting variable is currently it is in the beta variant and finding invitation code/referral signal is a big question.

Conclusion: Presently this Task Mate is mere with invitation code. If you got a referral code by the expert, it's fine, otherwise, most boards /telegram classes / Reddit groups assert they would sell this kind of invitation code.

Tend not to enter into such snare and scams and lose your money. We can wait to get a couple more weeks where Google could release this Program to every individual with no referral codes to be entered along with you also can earn money from google.

For those who have started generating revenue through this Program, share your adventures here. This will help different readers of the website too.

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