Why A2 Hosting is the Fastest Web Hosting of 2021 | Fastest Web Hosting Award of 2021 goes to A2 Web Hosting

A2 offers stakes its reputation on"high-powered hosting" making speed and reliability their high priority. A-2 requires its SSDs"Turbo Servers" that can load up pages to 20 times more quickly compared to the usual typical non-SSD host.

Top speed is not limited by their luxury customers, both. Their shared hosting options additionally comprise Turbo Servers -- even though you are just paying a few bucks monthly for the own plan.


A 2 Hosting has won plenty of hosting awards and always ranks high on best hosting lists. They assert 99.9% uptime on all their servers. But if you have an issue, their"Guru Crew" service team can be found on the clock.

A 2 hosting is very popular for its shared hosting strategies. Their renewal charge goes from $8.99 to $24.99 a month. Oahu is one that many initiatives will need -- until you have a site with large visitors or need a special server installation, which will be.

In addition, they offer managed WordPress hosting programs. These are shared web hosting bundles that can be optimized for WordPress, have some additional WordPress characteristics (e.g. staging) along with their service representatives who are all WordPress experts. Managed WordPress hosting starts at $28.51 monthly at a 2 Hosting.


VPS Means Virtual Private Server. It's a way to divide a server right into smaller separate (sub)servers. It follows that you can put in it to your requirements and you won't have to share tools along with different customers.

They are a very good match should you need something in between shared web hosting and a separate host. A VPS in a 2 Web Hosting goes from as small as £ 5 a month to approximately £ 100.

It is possible to see right now cloud web hosting for a system of interconnected servers. So that your site won't be hosted on a single server, however several at an identical time. They are a great solution for individuals hoping traffic peaks since you are able to delegate more resources as you need them.


However, when your website is very likely to have thousands and tens of thousands of visitors a month, you probably need a dedicated web hosting package deal. Quite simply, a complete server to exclusively sponsor your project. These aren't inexpensive, at a-2 Hosting they start at £ 120 monthly.

In the event you have clients of your who require hosting, then you also can opt-in to your reseller program at which you have the ability to sell web hosting strategies (without a-2 internet hosting branding) for your clientele. These plans start out at approximately £ 20 monthly.

It is worth noting that a 2

Web hosting is devoted to green-energy practices. They have partnered with Carbonfund to cancel and lower their carbon footprint with the FutureServe system. A 2 has been 100% carbon impartial since 2007.

Whether you're a newcomer generating your first blog or an enhanced programmer looking to mine bitcoins together with your OpenStack Cloud, then A2 Hosting will be worth contributing to your consideration list.

Fast Overview of A-2 Hosting

A-2 Hosting has been founded by Bryan Muthig and is popularly well known for the high-powered and easy-to-use web-hosting.

Their turbo servers maintain up to 20X faster page loads in comparison to conventional hosting. A-2's core purpose is to create and preserve this type of good website hosting company which the team wants to make use of it themselves. On top of all, delivers free-of-charge solid-state drives (SSD), unlimited information storage and transfer, totally free website migration as well as lots more.

A 2 web hosting's cheapest web hosting plan will be 3.92 per calendar month. They give a whole refund within just 30days and also perhaps a prorated refund on the fresh ceremony after 30-days.

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