Future of Ethereum in Cryptocurrency in 2022

Ethereum is also working to make a significant shift that could save 99.5 percent of its energy consumption. It's possible that Ethereum will attract more investors in the future, given the strong opposition cryptocurrency like Bitcoin faces over climate change issues.

Ethereum uses less energy than Bitcoin. According to Carl Beekhuizen (an Ethereum Foundation researcher), it will soon complete the transition to Proof-of-Stake from the Proof-of-Work system. This technological shift will result in Ethereum consuming even less energy than Bitcoin.


In the meantime, Bitcoin's price has risen 0.18 percent to $36,291.92, while Ether rose 3.79 percent to $2,589.5 in the last 24 hours.

The technologies that started with bitcoin are expanding rapidly to other parts of the globe. For six years, ethereum's app developers have grown at 20x, which is much faster than Moore's Law. That's where the action is.

Prognostication is difficult due to the speed of change in crypto. Even so, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.  According to CoinGecko data, the interest in virtual currencies is growing beyond Bitcoin. Its share of $1.6 trillion in total crypto market valuation has fallen to 42%, from 70% by 2021.


Goldman commodity strategists Mikhail Sprogis, and Jeff Currie said that Bitcoin's "fragile" first-mover advantage is "fragile" and added that It might eventually "lose the title of leading digital store value to another cryptocurrency with greater practical application and technological agility."

They stated that Ether is the most likely candidate for Bitcoin surpassing it, but added the caveat that this "result may not be absolutely certain." Ether's annual supply growth was capped, which they claimed enhances its value as a store-of-value.

Moore's law was created by Gordon Moore, an engineer, in 1965. It states that computing speeds will double every two years, along with the number of transistors per silicon-chip.


The popularity of decentralized finance, which uses cryptocurrency technology to create traditional financial instruments like loans and interest, has risen dramatically over the past 12 months, helping to propel the ethereum market price.

Ethereum's price rise has been far more impressive than bitcoin's in the past few months. Ethereum gained almost 1,000% in comparison to bitcoin's 30%. This is even after the recent price crash. The total value of all ether tokens currently in circulation has reached almost $300 billion. This is just below bitcoin's nearly $700 billion.

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