Why diamonds are so rare and very expensive?

Curious minds desire to know. To begin, what made carbon-atom-based stones so expensive? Is it truly rare since it has been exposed to such high temperatures and pressures for millions of years? Diamonds have become one of the most expensive gemstones due to their scarcity and a high degree of workmanship. We're delighted to learn everything we can about diamonds in this post. The great monetary worth of diamonds is attributed, in part, to their rarity paired with their extraordinary visual appeal.

Even the worst grades of diamonds have beauty. Color, clarity, and size are further factors that determine a diamond's value. Diamonds' global appeal is what keeps them in demand, despite the fact that their value is arbitrary. Diamonds have long been thought to be one of the earliest forms of money. It has evolved into a well-known symbol of love, fortune, and good fortune for everyone in the twenty-first century. A magnificent piece of jewellery can only be improved by the addition of a spectacular diamond. However, the cost of such a thing is usually too expensive. What is it about diamonds that commands such a high price? Several factors contribute to the growth in diamond prices.


Mining Difficulty
Diamonds are created in the deepest layers of the Earth under extraordinarily high pressure and temperature. Getting these treasures out of the ground is a difficult process. Mining employs heavy machinery, hydraulic shovels, trucks, and other costly and difficult-to-operate equipment. This equipment moves the ore to the surface, where the diamonds are extracted. Once a diamond has been extracted, it must be cut and polished by a diamond cutter before it can be sold. The extraction of diamonds from the ground, as well as their cutting and polishing, is one of the most labour-intensive procedures in the world. The difficulty of this surgery raises the value of diamonds.

Diamonds aren't especially rare in general. High-quality diamonds used in the jewellery industry, on the other hand, are in exceedingly short supply. According to estimates, just 30% of the world's diamonds are of gem grade. One of the reasons these gems are so expensive is their scarcity.

The Mohs Hardness Scale is used to determine the strength and durability of gemstones, and the diamond rates as a 10 on the scale. Diamonds have an extraordinarily high score, indicating that they are among nature's toughest substances. A diamond's surface is virtually impermeable, and breaking or shattering it is exceedingly difficult.
One of the many characteristics that differentiate diamonds from other gems is their exceptional long-term stability. It is also considered while assessing the value of a diamond. Diamonds are more precious than other diamonds because they are more durable.


Diamonds are both the hardest and most valuable minerals on the earth.
There are no really rare diamonds; only the best grade diamonds suitable for use in jewellery may be found. The great majority of ground diamonds are of such low quality that they are primarily used in industrial procedures. As a result, finding diamonds with the appropriate carat weight, colour, and clarity is challenging. To turn a raw stone into a polished diamond, diamonds must first be mined from the earth's crust.

When it comes to diamond cutting, you'll need high-tech equipment and the knowledge of a specialist. Diamonds, after being polished, may be utilised in jewellery such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Diamonds may be incredibly expensive as a result of all of this. When settling on a price, it is also vital to examine the diamond's size and quality. The aforementioned factors contribute to diamonds' high price.

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