How do I contact workers comp in Texas?

When an employee suffers a work-related injury or sickness, he or she must also submit a claim with the Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers' Compensation within 30 days. The employee must make this claim within one year of the injury or within one year of learning or should have learned, that the sickness was work-related, in order to be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

Employees still have a year to make a claim even if their employer has informed their workers' compensation insurance provider of the accident and the insurance provider has begun providing medical care and income benefits. Almost always, if an employee fails to make a claim within a year of their work-related accident or sickness, they are no longer eligible for medical treatment or income benefits.


Steps In Filing A Claim
Workers' compensation claims in Texas can be made by contacting the state insurance department and stating that you have been injured and that you need to make an insurance claim. Forms and instructions on how to complete the paperwork will be sent to you by postal mail by the Division. To begin the process of obtaining workers' compensation benefits in Texas, you must complete DWC Form-041, Employee's Claim for Compensation for the Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease, and send it to the appropriate address.

A worker's life and future might be significantly impacted by the complexities of the state's workers' compensation legislation. To limit or dispute your medical care and income benefits, the insurance company's purpose is singular. You may reach our workers' compensation attorneys by dialing 888-434-COMP (888-434-2667). During this time, you have a duty to yourself to speak with an attorney who can explain your legal rights, obligations, and choices. A discreet phone call is completely free of charge and there is no commitment. You may reach me via phone right now.

Remembering Points
It is critical that the claim form be filled out completely and accurately. Workers' compensation insurance providers will scrutinize every detail of your claim in an effort to reduce or deny your payments. Dispute procedures can use any and all information provided on the claim form as evidence. Workers' compensation attorneys are available to answer any queries you may have regarding filling out these forms.


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