What do u mean by medical?

Medicinal is derived from the Latin word mederi, which literally translates as "to heal," which is exactly what medical professionals such as physicians and nurses are educated and trained to accomplish. Medical treatment is provided when you present to your doctor's office or local emergency department with complaints of a variety of medical ailments, including strep throat, sore throat, and a sprained wrist.

Medical can refer to the practice of medicine, as well as to a specific sickness or damage that has occurred. A doctor should be seen if bright red spots appear all over your arms since this indicates that you are suffering from a medical ailment and should be seen as soon as possible.


A medical condition is a wide phrase that refers to any and all illnesses, lesions, and abnormalities that exist.
While the word "medical condition" normally refers to illnesses other than mental illnesses, the term "sickness, injury, or disease" is often used expressly to refer to any illness, injury, or disease other than mental diseases. Unless a mental disorder is mentioned, any disease, condition, or damage that does not affect the brain is referred to as a "general medical condition" in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Sometimes, the phrase "medical condition" is preferred over others like "disease" because it is more value-neutral than terms such as "disease." The phrase medical condition is also used as a synonym for the term medical state, which refers to the present medical status of a patient from a medical viewpoint.

A history of medical conditions
A health record is a collection of information regarding a person's health. In addition to information regarding allergies, diseases, surgeries, vaccines, and the results of physical exams and tests, prescription drug information may also be included in a person's medical history. Furthermore, it may include information about medications consumed as well as health behaviors like nutrition and physical activity.


A family medical history is a collection of health information about a person's immediate family members and extended family members (parents, grandparents, children, brothers, and sisters). In this case, it would encompass both their present and previous ailments. If a family has a history of particular diseases, it is possible to see a pattern in the family medical history. Health history is another term for this.

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