How much does Google hosting cost?

For individuals searching for a cost-effective static hosting platform with greater flexibility and capability than a platform like Github Pages, the Google Cloud Platform may be a good solution. With the aid of this article, you'll discover how Google Cloud Platform billing works.

In the contemporary day and age, everyone has a personal or professional website where they may display their work. Anyone who wants to host a personal website but doesn't have the money to do so, this post is for you.
To give developers and small companies cloud-based hosting and software toolsets, Google hosts its own web servers as part of its Cloud Platform. Computing Engine is the most often utilized tool for hosting websites. Managing cloud VPS hosting is up to you. As a general rule, Compute Engine is best known as a platform for web hosting, however, it may be used for many other purposes.


Are there any costs associated with using Google's web hosting service?
Simply put, the answer is no. It doesn't come for free. As a new customer, you'll earn $300 in free credits. Those credits can be used for a year. After a period of one year, the credits are no longer valid. For 11 months after you use up your $300 in the first month, your credits will no longer be valid. Existing customers are also unable to take advantage of the $300 in free credits offer. After you've used all your credit, the expenses start piling up rapidly. There's also a free Tier, but it comes with certain restrictions. When utilizing the Free Tier, use caution. Make sure you are aware of all of their guidelines for conduct online. Your server utilization will be invoiced if you don't satisfy their Free Tier requirements. If you don't understand how the Free Tier works, you could be surprised.

The Cost of Google Web Hosting
GCP Cloud Compute charges are based on a per-second basis. The cost of a virtual machine might vary depending on the type you choose. One vCPU costs $24.2725 a month for a server with 3.75GB of RAM. At $0.040 per GB/month, disc space is an additional charge. Website hosting-related GCP services come in a variety of price and plan options. Finding out how much you pay each month may be challenging for a beginner. It might be tough to estimate your budget when there are so many different options and goods to choose from.

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