Why are Indian diamonds cheap?

India, China, Dubai, Thailand, & Belgium are the cheapest places to acquire diamonds, in that order. Mumbai and Surat, India's diamond production and cutting centres provide 20 per cent of the world's cut diamonds. When looking for a diamond ring, you've probably spent a lot of your valuable time comparing prices and looking for the greatest offer. The fact that diamonds are cheaper in India must have come up throughout your study. Is it true or false? If you're looking for more information about this topic, you'll have to go elsewhere.

It's better to learn more about this topic rather than making a judgement based only on what you've heard or read elsewhere. As a result, why do diamond prices in India fall? Due to the fact that diamonds are cut and traded in the area. As a result, the lower the prices are, the closer you are to the source. Diamond mining, cutting, and trade all occur simultaneously in India, making it unique in the world. It's possible to acquire a diamond ring in India for 10% to 30% less than you would in your native country.


However, this is not the only factor contributing to lower costs. For international purchases, there is a potential that additional expenses may be incurred. This might be due to the fact that customs laws, shipping prices, and other overhead expenses vary in every nation. You should keep in mind that these optional extras will have a significant impact on the final selling price. As a result, unless you are planning a trip to India, this offer may not be all that valuable. The gemstone's cut and form should also be taken into account when shopping. The most popular shapes in India are rounded, oval, and pear-shaped.

Using these popular cuts, you'll receive a good discount on rings. However, when it comes to princess, Asscher, and marquise cuts, the costs are rather exorbitant. You may have to fork up a little extra money for an unusually cut and shaped diamond ring. Lastly, you should be familiar with the organisational structure of the nation's largest retail chains. Due to the high overhead expenditures, such as employee salaries, store leases, and so on, these offline retailers have a high mark-up value. Prices will be significantly higher if you decide to buy from there.

You might try contacting nearby jewelers or shop online to prevent price increases. When shopping online, hidden expenditures are frequently eliminated, resulting in lower pricing. The diamond ring's price includes both the stone's face value and the metal's karat weight. 22K yellow gold is the most frequent setting for diamond jewellery in India. There is a vital difference in price between 22K gold and the other grades of gold.


Because of this, even if the diamond is cheaper, the ring's price will rise due to the rising cost of the metal. While India may be the place where you can get a diamond ring for a lot less money, there are a few things to consider before making a choice. Decide if you're willing to fork over money for shipment or trip. When looking for lower prices, do your homework and don't skimp on the quality.

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