Which job catagory has highest salary in US per month in 2022?

These 30 jobs had the highest mean annual pay in May 2017 according to data from BLS' Occupational Employment Statistics programme. Doctors and other medical professionals earn a lot of money, which should come as no surprise. All of the top-paying jobs in the medical and dentistry fields may be found on this list. Experts recommend that you wait to inquire, "How much does this job pay?" until you've been interviewed for a longer period of time. Having high-paying work isn't a goal for everyone looking to start a new career or job.

The best-paying careers may be found on our list of the highest-paying professions. A salary of more than $100,000 is required for each of the occupations on our 2022 Best Jobs list. We've sorted them based on their average yearly earnings. There are various aspects to consider while making a professional choice. If you're going to select a career, be sure it's a good fit for your personality, experience, interests, and skill set. However, if you're looking for a job that pays well, that's OK too. So, what are the greatest positions to look at if you're seeking a well-paying job?


Patients' medical treatment is the responsibility of physicians (also known as doctors). Physicians can visit a wide range of patients and provide a wide range of services depending on their area of specialisation (for example, paediatricians handle children) (like anesthesiologists, who deliver anaesthesia & monitor patients before, during, & after surgery, or podiatrists, who manage foot-related care). After completing their undergraduate degrees, all doctors are required to attend medical school (podiatrists, however, go to specific podiatry schools).

Residency is the post-graduate training for new physicians, during which they are mentored by more senior doctors in a certain speciality, before they may practise as a doctor in their own right, despite the fact that most doctors earn far above average salaries in the United States, certain specialisations pay significantly more than others.

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